• Blockchain Powered Solutions and Services


“You should be taking this technology as seriously as you should have been taking the development of the Internet in the early 1990s”

– Blythe Masters former JP Morgan Chase CFO


  • Consultation

    To be able to integrate into private or public blockchains it is important to understand their capabilities and limitations. Not all problems can be solved using the technology and many opportunities can easily be overlooked.

    We provide insight and technical expertise to support our clients on this journey.

  • Analysis

    We perform careful analysis on existing systems and make recommendations based on the applicable use-cases. Processes that will benefit from blockchain technologies are identified so that specifications can be defined.

    We work closely with our clients to define optimal strategies.

  • Systems Integration

    We offer our extensive experience with systems integration and blockchain technologies and identify relevant touch-points within systems. We develop robust adapters using standards-based technologies.

    We provide APIs which simplify digital asset creation and management.

  • Development

    We offer bespoke custom software development for financial services with a blockchain-centric approach. We use a best-practice approach and provide extensive documentation to support all development.

    Our solutions are taylor-made according to client specifications.


Opinions on blockchain technologies

  • Blockchain applied to the private market is innovation built on top of innovation, and carries with it the opportunity to forever alter the future of financial services infrastructure.

    Bob Greifeld
    CEO of Nasdaq
  • Blockchain technology represents a fundamental, generational shift for financial services.

    Ramneek Gupta
    Managing Director at Citi
  • We expect distributed ledger technologies to become a critical part of the backbone of future capital markets.


What is the “Blockchain”?

The first and most well-known Blockchain is called Bitcoin.

At it’s most fundamental it is a distributed transaction ledger which is encrypted, stored and verified for consistency in a peer-to-peer network.

It enables, for the first time in history, digital assets to be transferred safely and securely and the ownership of those assets to be verifiable by independent parties.

Researchers and innovators are only just beginning to uncover the vast potential these distributed ledgers have to improve the efficiency and speed of systems in industries such as finance and medicine.

  • Financial Use Cases

    These are just a few examples of the many use cases banks and financial institutions are discovering for blockchains:

    • Digital Securities Trading – Ownership and Transfer
    • Escrow/Custodian Services – Loan Services and E-Commerce
    • Decentralised Prediction Platform for Share Markets
    • Faster and Cheaper Settlements for International Bank Transfers
    • Electronic Payments for Unbanked or Under-Banked Populations
    • Secure Shared Transaction Ledgers
    • “Trusted” Third Party Elimination

  • Non-Financial Use Cases

    Blockchains are not just suited to financial services. Many other use cases exist for wide array of industries such as Medicine, Law and Media.

    • Securities Trading and Settlement
    • Proof of Ownership – Software and other Digital Content
    • Company Incorporations, Transfers of Equity, Ownership and Governance
    • Decentralised and Encrypted Storage and Computing Resources
    • Home Automation
    • Patient Records
    • Anti-counterfeit measures in digital assets
    • Proof of ownership